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Breast Augmentation 101

With breast augmentation, women can instantly change anything that they hate about their breasts. Breast augmentation is a medical procedure in which implants are used to increase the size and fullness of breasts. It can also be used to restore shape and symmetry. A majority of women go for breast augmentation after breastfeeding, losing weight, pregnancy, or trauma. There are three types of breast implants, which are saline, silicone gel-filled, and alternative composite implants.

Saline Implants

Saline implants are those filled with a sterile saline solution, like saltwater. An elastomer silicone shell is used to hold the saline solution. The amount of saline solution in saline implants is what determines the amount of volume or fullness of the breasts in which the augmentation procedure will result. That also affects the firmness, shape, and feel of the breasts. In case of a leak, the body can absorb the saline solution and expel it naturally.

Silicone Gel-Filled Implants

The silicone gel-filled implants are similar to the saline implants, with the only difference being that the silicone shell is filled with silicone gel instead of saline water. In case of a leak, the silicone gel will remain in the implant pocket. Due to the nature of the silicone gel, the implant may fail to collapse when it is leaking. Patients with this type of implant must go for regular checks at their doctor’s clinics. An ultrasound or MRI scan is what is used to check for leaks.

Alternative Composite Implants

For the alternative composite implants, the silicone shell can be filled with soy oil, polypropylene string, or any other suitable material.

What to Expect

woman with blue topYou should think quite carefully before deciding to go for breast augmentation, given that it is a type of surgery that comes with its risks. The surgeon will help you to determine the size and type of implant that will be used. For the procedure, a general anesthetic will be used to ensure you remain unconscious during the entire surgery. Local anesthetic can also be used if you prefer to stay conscious during the procedure.

Incision Options

You should also discuss with the surgeon about incision options. There are three main options from which you can choose. The first one is called inframammary incision, which is done in the crease that is right under the breast. The second option is trans-axillary incision, done in the armpit. The last option is called periareolar incision, which is done around the nipple.