If you are looking for some natural home remedies to rejuvenate your face, you can make it by yourself at home. The natural chemicals are great for all skin types. Some people are already familiar with avocado skincare products that provide many benefits for dry, itchy, red, or rough skin. Besides, natural chemicals in skincare are suitable for the environment. It didn’t cause any waste that could affect some pollution in our society. Therefore, it attracts many women to start using zero waste beauty these days. Regardless of the current avocado mask products, these are some excellent homemade avocado masks;


Honey-Avocado Mask

It is a moisturizing face mask, perfect for cleansing and moisturizing. Honey is delicate and exceptionally moisturizing chamomile. The combination of avocado and honey can enlarge pores, smooth skin, smooth wrinkles, and reduce age spots. The instruction for making this is relatively easy. You need to prepare the avocado and honey. After that, mash and mix the avocado with one tablespoon honey. Therefore, you can apply it to your face. After 5-10 minutes, you can wash it with water, either cool or warm.

Cucumber-Avocado Mask

cucumber-avocado maskThis avocado mask is an excellent remedy for acne. When both are combined, it can help wash away skin follicles and stop breakouts. Besides, it could refresh your skin face and make it looks brighter. If you plan to use this, you can take 1/2 cup of avocado pulp, then mash with two tablespoons of cucumber juice. Clean the head and apply the mask evenly over the face. You can also place the pan over your eyes. Then, rinse the mask with warm water and dab it.

Oat-Avocado Mask

If your skin is dry to some extent, to make you itch with this dryness and roughness, try this avocado and oat mask. This kind of mask also can moisture your skin to become softer. The instruction is to combine cooked avocado pulp and oats in a bowl and mix well. Then, apply it to your face and wait until dry. Therefore, you can wash it with water.

Yogurt-Avocado Mask

This mask is precious in the cold winter months when the skin needs more hydration due to the humid or wet atmosphere. Yogurt knows the enzymes that facilitate skin exfoliation through hair removal and natural cleansing. In using this mask, take one teaspoon of yogurt and mix it with the avocado pulp. Then, spread it over your face.

Mixed-Avocado Mask mixture avocado mask

This mixture of this mask contains avocado, white egg, and lemon juice. It is another useful tool to reduce oil and acne problems. Therefore, it is suitable for people with oily skin. For mixing the ingredients, you need to put it in one by one and then mix it carefully. You can estimate the amount of each element. However, remember that this mask can darken quickly. Therefore, it is best to store the additional cover in an airtight container in the refrigerator.…